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What is the procedure to take franchisee and how it works?

Franchisee Instruction

Welcome to, we're pleased to inform you that ​ can become  ​AUTHORISED FRANCHISEE of ​, by paying one-time deposit of Rs.10,000/- (Refundable when your stop franchisee). After taking franchisee, you are authorised to collect orders for services ​ and jobs​ mentioned at For every order you get 50% commission on joining fees.​

You can get started in any of the ways mentioned below -

​​(1) Online Marketing - Here you can promote the services and jobs available at  online  by using different 

types of sources like -
a) By creating blogs
b) By posting ads in classified websites
c) Using dedicated website
d) Doing bulk email marketing
d) Using social media platform

​​(2) Offline Marketing - Best to do offline marketing is by doing newspaper advertisement.  By placing a simple 4 line ad in any of the 

leading newspaper in india, will hardly cost you Rs.600 to Rs.1200/-
Lets say you placed an ad in times of india bangalore edition costing you Rs.600/-
Minimum Earning Calculation:
You Ad was read by around 5 lakhs people.
Out of 5 Lakhs, you can easily expect 2500+ enquiries.
From 2500 enquiries, you can easily expect atleast 15 confirmed orders daily.
For 15 orders lets calculate you earning.
Average commission on each job is 3000 x 15 orders = Rs.45,000/- Daily.
Now if you think its impossible to earn Rs.45,000/- daily, then you are demotivating yourself.
However, lets say you get only 5 orders a day, so your earning will be 5xRs.3000= Rs.15000/- daily.
Monthly earning for 26 working days = Rs.15000x26= Rs.3,90,000/- p.m.
Now if you think daily 5 orders is not possible, so lets count 15 days.
Earning for 15 days will be Rs.15000 x 15 = Rs.2,25,000/- p.m.

Each ad in newspaper will give you response for regular 7 days and after that also you get response.
So in a month 2 ads in the starting is good to get regular response for 1 month.

In our next mail, will give you contents for advertisement and also contents to create blogs and place your ads in online classifieds. All you have to do is replace email and phone nos. with yours, so that all queries directly comes to you.

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